Devised, researched
 and written
  Peter King Smith BSc

                                                         The mid-1960s, German-built multi-track tape recorder with FM/AM/SW radio

Common Faults

One of the tuning scales is jammed

Cause (a): The radio unit has two separate tuning scales and two tuners; one tuner for FM and a second tuner for the other wavebands. Furthermore, the tuning knob operates both scales. These tuning scales are driven by two thin cords; one for each tuner. If one of those tuning scales does not work, one of the cords may have become tangled up or jammed, in which case it will need to be untangled. This is a relatively uncommon failure.

Cause (b): The fault may also be due to a failed tuning capacitor. If the tape unit has not been used for a long time, or infrequently, the tuning capacitor attached to the end of the drive cord can seize solid.

Cause (c): The fault could also be caused by a broken or distorted plastic-covered link (gear wheel). That link selects which of the two tuners is engaged. Once the link fails, you may only be able to turn the tuning knob to engage the 'good' tuner, while the other tuner will not work properly.

Remedy: As (b) and (c) are the most likely causes, have an experienced, skilled engineer check and repair these faults.