Devised, researched
 and written
  Peter King Smith BSc

                                                         The mid-1960s, German-built multi-track tape recorder with FM/AM/SW radio

Common Faults

'Recording' mode does not work

Symptoms: When the RECORD button (red tip) is turned to the right and then pushed in, a red light behind the track-selection dial comes on, but the tape does not move, nor does the rotating tape indicator revolve as it should during playback and record.

Cause: "There are too many variables, so no practical answer is possible" [1].

Remedy: "Try pressing the PLAY button at the same time as you turn and press RECORD", or "press and release PAUSE" [2] (assumes tape is stuck).

[1] Mike Solomons, Feb 2008.
[2] Jim Weir's 'old favourites', Nov 2007.