Devised, researched
 and written
  Peter King Smith BSc

                                                         The mid-1960s, German-built multi-track tape recorder with FM/AM/SW radio

Journal Articles

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1. Music-center - ein neuartiges Heimgerät
, by Friedrich Knochenhauer, Schaub-Lorenz, in Funk-Technik, 1965.
Trans: Music Center - A Modern Home Recorder

Knochenhauer, 1965

2. Music-center: ein neuartiger Programmspeicher
, by Otto Limann, in Funkschau, 1965.
Trans: Music Center: A Novel Form of Program Storage

  Limann, 1965

3. Magnetbandspieler mit exakter Programmvorwahl
, by Horst Liss, in Funkschau, 1965.
Trans: Magnetic tape recorder with Precision Program Preselector.

 Liss, 1965

4. Magnettongerät mit fest eingebautem 126-Spur-Band
, by Claus Reuber, Berlin, in Radio Mentor (31), 1965.
Trans: Magnetic tape recorder with a fixed, in-built 126-track tape

  Reuber, 1965

5. Music Center Stereo 6000

by H. Kolverschoten in conjuction with the Elektuur's editorial staff. Elektuur, June 1969

 6000 stereo

6. Muziekmachine
Author: unknown. Elektuur, March 1971
Trans: Music machine

 Muziekmachine, 1971

7. Eine Herausforderung: Das music-center 5001 von Schaub-Lorenz
, by Bernd Engel, Wittlich, 1998; first published in GFGF's Themenheft Nr. 1, 2004.
Trans: A Challenge: The Schaub-Lorenz Music Center 5001.

 Engel, 1998

8. Konzept für Thema BBG
, GFGF's Annual General Meeting, Erfurt, Germany from 16-18 May 2008, by Herbert Hamann, Wolfgang Gerwien and Bernd Engel
(Draft for BBG Theme: A short talk on the history of the Schaub-Lorenz Music Center (BBG).

Hamann, 2008