Devised, researched
 and written
  Peter King Smith BSc

                                                         The mid-1960s, German-built multi-track tape recorder with FM/AM/SW radio

Cautionary Word

DIY repairs are at your own risk
Whatever you do, make sure you disconnect the mains cable from the plug socket in the wall before opening up the cabinet.

Risk of physical injury
Due to the high power required for rewind, there is a high risk of serious physical injury, were the unit to suddenly go into rewind (it can trigger itself to do this!), so keep fingers, sleeves or ties well out of reach of the tape mechanism.

Unsuitable for DIY repair

Mike Solomons offers salutary advice to non-specialists or lay persons thinking of repairing Schaub-Lorenz Music Centers themselves.

"These machines are not suitable for DIY repair. A DIY-er will be "astonished by the number of faults he'd find. Learning to repair these idiosyncratic machines only comes with years of experience repairing them.
Given that faults have to be fully recognised and diagnosed. DIY-ers should not attempt to repair this machine themselves. Get an experienced, skilled engineer do the repair work instead."

CAUTION: High voltages (un-insulated) are available inside the cabinet!!!

Several visitors to the website have told me of their successful DIY repair jobs on their Music Centers after purchasing the two maintenance manuals available through me. Others have taken their music centers to Mike Solomons or other experienced repair engineers. Be warned, some repair engineers can charge over the top for relatively small repairs, mainly because labour costs can be unnecessarily high.